This Is What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality

They say blood is  thicker than water, but did you know that   your blood type can help determine the kind of  person you are? How exactly? Let’s find out! While considered a pseudoscience  by many, blood types often tell a lot about a personality.


So, let’s  start with the rarest blood type… AB It is said that people with this  blood type are very creative.   They love to live in their own world and they can  be a little eccentric. Their way of doing things   are different from other people. These types are  open to new ideas. Although as far as holding on   to their opinion is considered, they aren’t  the best in the business. They aren’t really   great at debates and arguments.

Managing anger  might also be a problem with this blood type. AB folks are usually very rational and know how to  navigate through life’s problems. They may have an   Affinity for intellectualism, which is something  you will also find in people with B blood types,   but we will discuss that later. People of this  blood type are very social. They know how to   have fun and can become a part of any group,  quite easily. We wouldn’t suggest trusting them   with regular tasks though. You see, it’s because  of their eccentric nature they get bored easily. When it comes to work, they can be a little  critical of others. They may also be a little   indecisive. Oh and try not to piss them off  as they aren’t known for being very forgiving.


Moving on, let’s talk about… A If you ever met a person who  seems very warm and wise,   then you probably know someone  with A blood type. Compared to AB,   ‘A’ is rather common. People with this blood  type may be slightly reserved at first, but   once you know them, you’ll realise they’re very  sweet.

Needless to say, they get the job done. Wait, they have their issues too. ‘A’ blood types  aren’t very good with change. They can be quite   fastidious with their belief system. Hence,  it is difficult to argue with them. They don’t   believe in backing down. This also means that  even if they have made a mistake, they aren’t   likely to admit it. They also seek perfection  in their work. Mediocrity doesn’t please them. They also have a rather obsessive nature.

Many  people with OCD usually have A blood type. ‘A’ blood types can become angered  quite easily. When they are angry,   they may say or do things they later regret.  Unfortunately, this impulsive nature often   costs them their friends and social circles. On  the positive side, they are also quite cautious.   So they are most likely to make friends with  those who tolerate their short tempered nature. Alright, here is the part where we discuss…


B As we mentioned while talking about AB blood  types, B blood types have an affinity towards   Intellectualism. It’s not that they are trying  to be intellectuals. They don’t want to prove   anything to anyone. Far from it, they are  usually very calm and peace-loving people.   So, the idea that these folks can be a little  bit violent at times may confuse others.  

Unfortunately, it is true. While B blood  types may have the best temperaments among   along blood types, their anger can  be very dangerous. They are also very creative and have the ability to come up  with unique solutions for everyday problems.

One of the shortcomings of this personality is  that they aren’t very analytical. While they   enjoy creating new things, details don’t interest  them. As such, they might overlook important   details in their work. ‘B’ type personalities  are often very optimistic and well-balanced.   It’s very hard to demotivate them. While they can  be stuck in a loop of different negative thoughts, they won’t let those thoughts rule over them. 

They are good at being in-tune with their inner selves. So even if they’re very open-minded,  they aren’t necessarily naive or gullible. Of course, the biggest problem with this blood  type is that they may be slightly lazy. They   aren’t necessarily the most productive people,  and multitasking isn’t really their thing. If   you can look beyond these flaws, you will find a  friend for life who will be loyal and protective.


This brings us to…. O A lot of people you know may have this blood  type. O is the most common and the best part,   they can donate blood to anyone. This is why  O is the most adaptive of all blood types.   They are often the most social and never have  issues dealing with people. They have a natural   ease about themselves, with the ability  to spot redeeming qualities in everyone.   O blood types are often very strong-willed,   so if you have a rivalry with this blood type  then they will definitely be hard to beat.

‘O’ blood types have confidence. They don’t like  beating around the bush. They’re straight to the Point and can easily navigate through complex  problems. Their approach to life may be simple and minimalistic.

They are also very intuitive  and are often compassionate enough to help   others through tough times. One more positive  side about them is their free-spirited nature.   This helps them tackle life’s problems in  the simplest way possible.

‘O’ blood types   may also have an affinity for adventure and  sports. Physical activities may appeal to them. Does this mean that they don’t have flaws? No, in  fact ‘O’ blood types can be extremely cold when   angry. Additionally, they can be very aggressive  and ruthless. One more thing to add here is there unpredictable temperament. ‘O’ blood types can go  from a happy soul to an angry savage in less than a few minutes. This is why it’s hard to understand  them. Although, they are usually very nice people. Woah, that is interesting, isn’t it?

Alright  now that we have talked about personalities,  let’s shift our focus to…

Blood Type Compatibilities

Experts believe that AB can get along with  anyone. Their adaptable nature helps them   balance out the shortcomings of other blood  types. Although, B blood type may have some   problems mixing with AB blood types. This  is because B blood types are people who seek   authenticity over everything. While there are  aspects that will attract both individuals,   it will be up to the people involved who  would have to work it.

On the other hand,   A and O would find themselves  at home with this blood type. After AB, let’s talk about…

O Yes, the universal donor who can donate blood to  everyone. They should get along with all people,   right? Well, if the relationship is one based on  friendship and equal footing then yes, they can.  

Unfortunately, sometimes O blood types want to be  a little bossy. They love dominating, as a result,   They might feel the need to dictate things. This  may not be welcome with others. A and B blood   types may not get along with O in a relationship.  A would find O to be very unpredictable, while B value their freedom too much.

As such, a match  with these two would require lots of work. On the positive side, O and AB are a  comparatively a better match. This brings us to… B blood types are known to be artistic. This is  why other B blood types are a good match for them.   If A can deal with B’s zen-like  nature, it would be a good match.   On B’s part, they might not like A’s temper.  It would be too much work. They would rather   look for easier solutions like dating an  AB.

O’s dominating nature can repel B,   but AB on the other hand is a better match.  AB’s adaptive nature also plays a big role. Finally, we move to A The best match for A is usually another A or AB.  ‘A’ blood types love people they can trust easily.   AB’s can get along with anyone and other people  with A blood type have the same characteristics.   People with B blood types may  seem a little too quiet for A.   This is why they aren’t likely to be drawn to  them. In case, they are they would have to work   their way through the relationship. O, on the  other hand, is more demanding and dominating.  

This may not impress A, as people with O  blood types always like to be in-charge. Hmm, so it seems AB is the luckiest  of blood types. They are rare,can adapt with anyone and any place. Most  importantly, they can receive blood from anyone. Do you think your blood type  influences your personality?   Let us know in the comments. As  usual we would love to hear from you.

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    ‘O’ blood types have confidence. They don’t like beating around the bush. They’re straight to the Point and can easily navigate through complex problems. Their approach to life may be simple and minimalistic.

  2. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.


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