Why You Should Refinance Your Student Loans

Does student loan refinancing confuse you just a little bit it confuses me too so don’t worry that’s what i’m here to help you with today . And most productive life all right so before we get into exactly why student loan refinancing is helpful let’s talk about what refinancing actually is refinancing in general … Read more

Best Student Loan Refinance Companies 2022

So today we’re gonna be breaking down some of the Best Student Loan Refinance Companies 2022 now refinancing your student loans only takes a couple hours but can save you thousands and thousands of dollars. So let’s go ahead and go through this list and see which company might work best for you so when … Read more

What are leveraged loans?

Concern is growing about the leverage loan market and the amount of debt owned by US investors. So what is a leveraged loan? It’s a loan to a risky company, typically one that’s already in debt or has a poor credit history. Banks lend money to these companies and then sell the loans on to … Read more

Why Hadoop is Dying

Hadoop open source project was released to the public the project was based on the storage tech called MapReduce developed by Google to house the entire worldwide web what it did phenomenally well was offer an open door to data while allowing organizations to scale that data footprint on cheap Hardware up until that point … Read more

What is Big Data | Big Data Types | Types of Data | Structured Data | Unstructured Data

Let us begin by defining the term- Data. If you do a quick Google search then you will find that “Data” is defined as ‘the quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer, which may be stored and transmitted in the form of electrical signals and recorded on magnetic, optical, or … Read more

How to Get Very Cheap Car Insurance With No Deposit

Today, we’re talking about how  to get very cheap car insurance with no deposit.  To start, let’s get a few things straight  because car insurance with no deposit   is a bit of a misleading concept.  It implies that you could get a car insurance policy without making any  payments first, which is not true. You will … Read more