Jack Harlow rocks a Lil Nas X Shirt at 2022 BET Awards

Rapper Jack Harlow is tied in with supporting his companion Lil Nas X at the 2022 BET Awards. Before the Award service,

 Harlow strolled honorary pathway on an elegant evening and offered a striking expression with his neat look.

 On Sunday, the First Class rapper hit honorary pathway of the show in a Lil Nas X T-shirt that he

 matched flawlessly with his Givenchy shoes and jeans.Harlow put on his pal's

T-Shirt on the side of him as the honor show reprimanded Nas on the designations. Afterward,

Nas likewise took to Twitter, to show his adoration for Harlow as he retweeted a snap of the rapper in his T-Shirt and stated,

 "wow I truly love this man," per ET Canada. Concerning why Harlow needed to offer such a striking expression

 on the side of Lil Nas X, the two super stars teamed up on the hit single Industry

Baby together while Harlow was named for an honor at the service Lil Nas X was investigated.

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